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Camila Cabello: Princess Birthday

Camila Cabello celebrated her 23rd birthday in Blackpool.

The ‘Señorita’ performer spent her birthday in the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom in the northern English city. Why did Camila celebrate so far away from home? The singer takes on the title role in a ‘Cinderella’ remake and is currently in the UK for filming. The Cuban-American beauty did not have to spend her birthday alone – friend Shawn Mendes flew from Canada to his sweetheart to celebrate her special day.

On her birthday night, Camila posted several videos in her Instagram story, where she dances to the music together with cheerful partyers and visibly enjoys the evening. In the background you can see Shawn laughing in the crowd. Kay Cannon, the director of the princess remake, paid tribute to Camila’s birthday in a heartwarming post. Commenting on a photo of her and Shawn, he wrote: “Sweet Camila turns 23 today!!! [Sie] celebrates in the ‘Cinderella’ style. Happy Birthday, Cinders!!!!” The party was actually very princess-like: the birthday boy was given a cake in the shape of a pumpkin that said, “If you believe in something, your dream will come true.” Even a glass shoe made of ice stood in the festively decorated hall.

But the singer wasn’t just thinking about herself that night: the former ‘Fifth Harmony’ singer reached out to her fans on Instagram and asked for support for something she cares about: “On the occasion of my birthday, I would like to draw attention to one of the worst human crises currently facing the world, in Syria. 950,000 people have been forced to leave their homes by the violence in Idlib – some with nothing but the clothes they wear. Most of them are children.” Camila asked her fans to support children in need at in honor of her birthday.

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