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17. March 2020 – 8:30 clock

Camila Cabello advises her fans to meditate during the Corona crisis.

The 23-year-old pop musician is convinced that a certain kind of meditation that deals with kindness and kindness is perfect for the current difficult situation worldwide. With meditation, which also includes a small prayer for his loved ones, Camila believes in protecting those susceptible to the virus and spreading love. On Instagram, the ‘Señorita’ performer wrote alongside a meditation photo: “In these times, especially among young people, even when we are healthy, we need to show empathy and help others who are suffering. We’re all stuck in there, so let’s not ignore the risk of others. It’s our responsibility to keep everyone safe.”

Later, Camila wrote down the instructions for meditation for her followers so that they could try the soothing technique alone at home. “Just follow these instructions,” the ‘Havana’ performer begins, “Close your eyes and sit with your back straight, feel gravity ground your body. Take three deep breaths and then notice the natural flow of your breath. […] When your mind stands still: Imagine every person in this world, the elderly, the people with breathing problems and the weak, imagine the people who are weak, their families, and say, ‘Get well. Be sure. Be free from disease. Have a good time.’ Repeat this until it really arrives in your heart.”

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