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Billie Eilish: She’s “not happy” with her body

Billie Eilish
She is “not happy” with her body

Billie Eilish has had enough of body shaming.

Billie Eilish has had enough of body shaming.

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Billie Eilish campaigns against body shaming. In doing so, she herself struggles with uncertainty. She is “not happy” with her body.

Despite her immense success, Billie Eilish (19) struggles with uncertainty. This is due, among other things, to false body ideals, which can be found online again and again and are currently causing discussions anyway. “I see people online who look like I’ve never looked before. And immediately I think to myself: ‘Oh my God, how can they look like this?'” she explains in an interview with “The Guardian”.

She is aware that photos that look real can be fake. “And yet I see it and think, ‘Oh God, I feel really bad about that.'” The singer is “very happy” with her life, but “obviously I’m not satisfied with my body – but who is that?”.

Fight against body shaming

On stage, she had to distance herself from her “body ideas”, which is why she mainly wears wide clothing. This is easier because you don’t show everything in this way. “But then a paparazzi photo is taken when you ran to the door and just put on something and didn’t know that a picture of you was being taken. […] and everyone says, ‘Fat!'” With this, the singer hints at an incident that occurred in October 2020. After a paparazzi photo of Eilish in a tank top and athletic shorts surfaced, they received nasty bodyshaming comments on the net.

She could not understand why people are interested in the bodies of others in the first place. “I mean, we just need our bodies to eat, walk around and poop. We just need them to survive. It’s ridiculous that anyone cares about bodies at all. Why do we care?” asks Eilish.


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