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Will Adele soon be seen regularly in Las Vegas?

July 29, 2021 – Stefan Angele

Soon Radio Hamburg will no longer say megastar Adele “Hello from the other side”, but “Hello from Las Vegas”! As the British “Sun” wants to have learned, the musician is in talks for a permanent show in the gambling paradise Las Vegas and should get the incredible sum of 116,000 euros per performance. For how many appearances Adele wants to be committed in the end, however, is not yet certain.

New hotel wants to score points with Megastar

According to the report, Adele is to become the figurehead of Vegas’ newest hotel “Resorts World” and attract guests there with her mega hits. The Protz-Hotel did not open until June 2021. It could probably start with Adele’s performances in January 2022 with the first performances, where 5,000 fans could find space each. An official confirmation from the hotel and also from Adele is still pending.

Adele follows other stars

Adele would follow in pretty big footsteps with her concert series. In front of her, music greats such as Katy Perry, Céline Dion or country megastar Carrie Underwood perform in the theater. By the way, if the shows take place in Las Vegas, then these would be Adele’s first live concerts since her last performance in front of almost 100,000 people at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2017 – so it’s time for the dry spell to finally end! The fact that Adele could actually appear in the hotel is also shown by a poster from the entrance hall of the hotel. In addition to the other stars, there is still room for another headliner.

Last Vegas offer rejected

According to reports, Adele has already had a concert series in Las Vegas on the line. The “The Wynn” hotel is said to have offered her more than 23 million euros for a year. A sum that the new Hotel Adele would now like to offer in the annual package. We are curious to see if Adele will soon be able to be admired live on stage again.

Adele’s best music

Of course, you can always listen to the best tracks of megastar Adele reliably in the program of Radio Hamburg. Be sure to listen if you don’t want to miss any of your favorite megahits. Simply go via the web player here on the page or via the Radio Hamburg App.

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