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The series “Love Life” on Amazon Prime

FFor statisticians, the thing with the mating parameters is as clear as it is boring. Each average person has seven more serious relationships over the course of their lives, two of which have a long-term character. Twice the average person loves seriously (the other times are more like opportunities), twice she is left with a broken heart and usually recovers completely. Expressed in numbers, an entire love life is quite mediocre. On closer look, it doesn’t necessarily get any more grandiose.

The average person, at least the one that the omniscient narrator (Lesley Manville) leads into the field in the RomCom anthology series “Love Life” (HBO Max), is the same: meeting, fireworks, the sky full of violins, fear of rejection, the feeling of being chosen and transformed and being able to give life new twists, the “next level”, moving together, marrying children, one, two or three, the insight that neither you nor your partner is as perfect as you thought, irritations, fear of the future, fear of the end, end. Next attempt.

Romantic love in New York

The thing about romantic love only becomes interesting through stories. When they play in New York City, you already have an exciting player – the city that doesn’t sleep, even if nothing is going on with its inhabitants. One of the last “RomCom” series to get serious about New York was “Modern Love” (Amazon Prime). In it you can watch how love possibilities fan out in alternative narratives. Age, gender, altruistic love, the love between a mentally ill person (Anne Hathaway) and one who learns how to deal with it, self-love – a lot has changed since Carrie Bradshaw’s unhealthy fixation on “Mr. Big” and his sensitivities in “Sex and the City”.

“Modern Love” tells a new relationship in each episode, with new staff. “Love Life”, on the other hand, dedicates ten episodes in the first season to the coming-of-age experiences of Darby Carter (also producer: Anna Kendrick). Between 2012, the year she graduated from NYU, and 2019, the year When Darby finally unexpectedly meets “The Person” as a young mother with sleep deprivation, breast pump routine, and dark circles under her eyes, she meets men, falls in love, falls out of love, tries – once – with therapy sessions to finally forgive herself for an embarrassing episode of her youth, reconnects with an ex, gives another a second chance, almost gives up her own life for an older, established partner, finds back, and works all this time on her expectations and her idea of professional and personal happiness – which she has found with her shared flat and friends Sara (Zoe Chao), Jim (Peter Vack) and Mallorey (Sasha Compère).

In addition to the consistency that romantic love lacks in modern times. From Augie, the first permanent friend who accepts a job at a political magazine in Washington D.C. (problem long-distance relationship), to her ex-boss Bradley (problem inequality of living conditions) to “Danny Two Phones” (problem of those who have passed away) and to the aspiring gourmet chef Magnus (“Your dreams are my dreams”), with whom she wants to temporarily found a self-catering farm with a restaurant in upstate New York (problem heaps of power couples, career kinks and dream bursts), divorce child Darby loves more and more to self-knowledge.

“Love Life” is a double program – as “Love Life” and with “Love life” (as it is). Even the individual episodes are not exclusively narratives of couple constellations. While Darby, who tends to dry humor, lets Augie and all the others into her life, she learns from others, from various women and men with life experience, repairs the relationship with her mother Kate (Hope Davis) and always goes new ways professionally. Ideals, Jim’s mother knows, prevent fulfilled love guaranteed. The tenth and final episode makes Darby the midwife of the fame of an artist beyond the eighty. Also for the AThe midwifery art of fate still has surprises in store.

From the deceptions of “Sex and the City” fiction, “Love Life” is years of emancipation. However, the series is still based on the statistically unprovable assumption that there is a lid for every pot (and that the latter wants it at all). Within the genre, the series seems like a light-hearted attempt to focus on more colorful colors instead of pink. A new second season retains the concept of chief producer Sam Boyd, but focuses on William Jackson Harper, a black man instead of a white woman.

Love Life runs on Starzplay/Amazon Prime.

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