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Summer soundtrack with Billie Eilish. |

More about women’s cycling and Olympic bronze.

Every good summer needs its soundtrack. On Friday, pop prodigy Billie Eilish presented her new album “Happier Than Ever”, which for some could become the accompanying music for the rest of summer 2021. First, as the “Süddeutsche” aptly noted, the singer manages the feat of presenting an old work at the age of 19 and after only three years in the music business. Second, most of the lines from “Getting Older” are comprehensible to any of us (who are getting older) – I’m getting older / think I’m aging well / I’ve got more on my shoulders – and can even be applied to our lives with the pandemic: There are reasons that I’m thankful / There’s a lot I’m grateful for / But it’s different when a stranger’s always waiting at your door. And the stranger is the virus.

Samir H. Köck has already devoted himself to the Billie Eilish record in detail in the Samstagsblatt. In the cover story, he portrays Eilish and a few of her well-known tragic predecessors who, like Britney Spears, became very successful at a very young age and then fell deep or somehow digested the fame. Even though Billie Eilish already describes herself as old and wise, it is completely open where her career will go in the coming 20, 30, 40, … years. The summer album 2021 has already succeeded once.

Just like Anna Kiesenhofer surprisingly won Olympic bicycle gold a week ago. Her unusual success story was the reason for Mirjam’s research Marits and Karinshoe about women’s cycling, which was already growing before Kiesenhofer’s victory. And while we were finishing this newspaper, we received the news of the next bronze medal: The athlete Lukas Weißhaidinger became the first male athlete to win an Olympic medal for Austria in the discus throw. Markku tells us more about the historic Olympic victory Datler in sports. Have a good weekend!

(“Die Presse”, print edition, 01.08.2021)

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