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“Earn less as a black artist”

Los AngelesAmerican rapper Cardi B (“WAP”) accuses the advertising industry of unequal pay between white and black female artists. “I have experienced prejudices. I was involved in advertising contracts and then found out that certain white people from the same company got more money for their contracts,” said the 28-year-old Grammy winner of singer Mariah Carey in an interview with the US magazine Interview.

“I inform myself,” the rapper added. She knows how much money she has brought to the company. “I ask myself, ‘If you don’t pay me what you pay these other people, how come?’ It’s a bit offensive.”

Discrimination also in the fashion industry

The rapper also had negative experiences in the fashion industry: “Black artists have the hardest time being dressed by designers and the hardest time getting seats at their fashion shows, and they are hardly supported by major fashion brands that we literally make a trend.”

Mariah Carey, who also spoke about her experiences of racism in her recently published memorabilia, agreed with Cardi B: “I feel the same way. But what’s a little different is that sometimes people don’t know how to classify me, and that’s annoying.” She also appealed, “I think people should listen to what you say, because you say it from your own experience. You got less than other artists who aren’t black, and yet your influence was much greater. So let’s fix that.”

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