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Cardi B: Rapper laments pimples – fans should help

Cardi B
Rapper complains about pimples – fans should help

Musician Cardi B has a "Unpleasant" Skin problem.

Musician Cardi B has an “unpleasant” skin problem.

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Stars like Cardi B also struggle with impure skin. To get rid of the pimples on her cheek, she relies on the advice of her fans.

US rapper Cardi B (28, “WAP”) has to deal with impure skin. recently Posted a picture of her cheek on Twitter, which is marked by a variety of pimples. Never before, she writes explanatory, she has had to struggle with pimples on her cheeks or chin. But: “This has been happening for about three months now.” The artist seems perplexed. It is really “unpleasant” for her.

“My skin feels like it’s burning,” Cardi B continues. If she were to use oils, the skin would begin to itch and reactions would occur. The 28-year-old needs help – and she hopes for that from her fans. However, the rapper dismisses initial advice. Skin-cleansing products, which are recommended to her under her post, “really do not work for me”. On a recommendation, however, the artist jumps in. She wants to get back to her fans in two weeks with an update.


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