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Britney Spears: Betrayed by everyone!

Britney Spears: Was she deceived by her family?

after 13 years under guardianship the singer now fights for an independent life. In the process, more and more is coming to light, as everyone close to Britney Spears, she deceived must have. First and foremost, of course, her father Jamie, whom the singer prefers would see in jail, as she herself had testified in court.

But her mother Lynne is also said to have fallen into the singer’s back for years. Although she now seems to be fighting to get Britney her life back – she has even submitted a corresponding application, as “TMZ” reports. But why only now?

Lynne once said, ‘Obey Daddy and they’ll let you out of guardianship again.’ She also told her that she was only allowed to see her sons if she followed her father’s instructions,

family friend Jacqueline Butcher told The New Yorker magazine.

You can read more about Britney Spears here:

Britney Spears: Heavy reckoning on Instagram

Also their Sister Jamie Lynn is supposed to play the wrong game. “Since the day I was born, I have always loved, admired and supported my sister”, said the 30-year-old recently. And Kevin Federline, with whom the “Toxic” singer has two sons, also had his lawyer tell him that he only wanted the best for his ex-wife.

He had always been at war with her before and tried to to portray them as crazy, especially when it came to more maintenance for the two children … All hypocrites, Britney thinks and vents her anger on Instagram:

How can the people I love the most dare to say anything at all… Did they shake my hand to help me? How dare you post publicly now that you are worried… Did you shake me a hand when I was drowning???? again… no… So if you are reading this (…) and really have the audacity to say something about my situation just to save your public image (…) please stop this honest attempt when you are so far from being honest. It’s not even funny.

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