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“You never learn from 2”: Is a continuation possible?

In “You Never Stop Learning”, Robert de Niro plays an intern in the advertising industry. Whether his engagement in “You never learn from 2” will be continued, you can find out here.

Ben Whittaker (Robert de Niro) is 70 years old and is looking for a new job. He finds them as an intern at a fashion website, but has a hard time in the hip company. Above all, company boss Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is bothered by Ben’s outdated ideas of how such a company should be run. But the longer the unequal couple works together, the more understanding they are with each other. We’ll tell you if the extraordinary constellation in “You Never Learn from 2” will come together again.

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“You never learn from 2”: A comedy festival of the generations

Partly hilarious, the tragicomedy “You never stop learning” illuminates how two fundamentally different generations meet. Moral concepts and work ethics are brought to the table, but also the imprint that each generation has experienced from its time. Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway convey this generational conflict in both telling and heartwarming terms. Because as different as the conceptions of life and work may be, in the end they are always people who strive for happiness, warmth, security and self-fulfillment. Regardless of age and certainly a topic that is actually always topical. So what about “You never learn from 2” under these circumstances?

“You never learn from 2”: Is there another sequel?

Even if the topic always remains interesting and topical and the story could well be continued, there is no concrete information about “You never learn from 2”. As TheCinemaholic reports, director and screenwriter Nancy Meyers is also not known for sequels. Should the filmmaker at some point rethink her chosen course and still deal with a sequel, TheCinemaholic suspects a release in 2024 at the earliest.

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Alternatives for “You never learn from 2” fans

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