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Streaming Review: Mamma Mia! | Radio Gütersloh

Streaming Review: Mamma Mia!

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Musical, RomCom

Mamma Mia!… where do you start?

for Mamma Mia! I would sit in the pouring rain in the open-air cinema.

for Mamma Mia! I would miss the European Championship final.

There has probably never been a day in my life when I don’t feel like Mamma Mia! had.

Hopefully this is warning enough for all those who rely on my impartiality here.

Because this is a love letter.

What is Mamma Mia?

A film? A drug trip? A revelation?

Somehow a little bit of everything. The word “musical” doesn’t really do justice to the glittering, completely exaggerated, dramatic chaos – because a musical is supported by songs. What the ABBA homage does, however, is difficult to understand from the outside. Every single actress seems to have literally absorbed the ABBA lifestyle, otherwise the performance of the cast can not be explained.

There we have a young Amanda Seyfried, who sings by far the best (and perhaps the only one good at all) and tears open her huge eyes in every scene so far that you can’t help but be infected by her slain enthusiasm. Meryl Streep, multiple Oscar winner, who manically laughs across the floor and rolls from green screen effect to editing collage and exhales ABBA lyrics. Pierce Brosnan, who for some reason performs three solo pieces as the most untalented singer, and with an expression that unfolds its bitter spice somewhere between yawning and opera singer. Colin Firth, who obviously has the time of his life doing an outing in the dazzling scenery of Greece. And of course the fantastic combination of Christine Baranski and Julie Walters, who were apparently born to embody the female version of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill – just dancing and trumpeting, with lots of glitter and big entourage.

What wants Mamma Mia?

Telling a story? Well, it tells itself quickly. Young Sophie does not know who her father is, so she promptly invites all three potential candidates to her wedding in Greece.

Deliver a musically valuable performance? You really don’t have to be a music genius to realize that most performances are tonally half wrong rather than functioning.

Filming a musical? Sure, most choreographies fit perfectly. But then there are the countless Greeks who stick their heads into the picture in the most inappropriate moments, the upper-body-free bachelors who jump wildly wobbling in flippers over the jetty, and the numerous other moments that seem to scream only one thing: we don’t take ourselves seriously. A narrative pattern is sought in vain here. The songs come as suddenly as they go, and in constant alternation. In every scene you are literally waiting to be jumped on and grabbed to get away from an insane dance collage around ABBAs Voulez Vous? to be dragged along. Mamma Mia! is many things, and above all everything at once.

What does it do? Mamma Mia?

fun. Simple and simple: fun!

None of the performers is overly talented or proves his great acting skills. No choreography really stays clear in your head. The imagery is gaudy, exaggerated and incoherent.

But does that really make a point? no!

Because the mood that spreads in the room as soon as the first notes sound is unique. No other film exudes so much joie de vivre, enthusiasm and fun in existence as Mamma Mia!. Every single song hits, every single dialogue scene makes you laugh. In his exaggerated sculpture, everything suddenly seems incredibly real again: and that can probably only be due to how obviously everyone involved felt during the shoot. The closeness between three cackling friends, a mother and her daughter on the wedding morning – all these moments plow the emotional bouquet of flowers of Mamma Mia! to a full bouquet and make every single rewatch unforgettable.

Probably no one will ever be able to get me out of my suffering.t dissent for this fireworks of a film – and maybe that discredits my opinion of other films now forever. But for me, Mamma Mia! exactly what a film should be: a love letter to existence.

In eternal fidelity…

result: 4/5 unexpectedly thrown in Meryl Streeps face in roulette table green screen shots. Mamma Mia! has its flaws, but the film is not ashamed of that. You just have to love him for that, right?

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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