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Kylie Jenner: She puts an end to the baby rumors!

Which celebrity lady does not know it? Every two months, a new pregnancy is attributed to them. Sometimes because they wear loose clothes, sometimes because they pat their bellies and sometimes, as in the case of self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner (23), because they do without certain foods.

Indications for a pregnancy of Kylie Jenner?

The entrepreneur has removed tequila and fish from her diet in recent weeks. Alcohol is known to be harmful to unborn children and salmon, mackerel and Co., especially raw and smoked, should be banned from the kitchen by expectant moms.

No wonder, then, that kylie Jenner’s fans immediately expected the happy news and gave her a pregnancy. That these claims are completely baseless and the half-sister of reality queen Kim Kardashian (40) is by no means in other circumstances, she now proved in her very idiosyncratic way.

In the sports look, Kylie Jenner denies the pregnancy rumors

On Instagram, she presented herself as sexy and well-trained in a cool sports outfit. A lilac-colored ensemble, consisting of a crop top and leggings, provides a view of Kylie’s particularly slender middle of the body. With this she proves very clearly: There is no trace of a pregnancy belly here!

But of course, even her famous sisters are not immune to such rumors. Khloé Kardashian (37) was also accused of pregnancy because of a photo she posted of herself in September 2020.

Khloé Kardashian was also thought to be pregnant

Then she poses in a wide dress on a beach. Because the dress curves a little around the hips, her followers were sure they had found proof of Khloé’s next child and on-off boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The two already have their daughter True. The fact that the rumors did not prove to be true here is now a foregone conclusion, after all, little True is still an only child.

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