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Brad Pitt: His new love is 21 years younger

Does Andra Day, 36, want to be his heart leaf? Actor Brad Pitt, 57, has butterflies in his stomach again!

Brad Pitt: Finally a new love

He floats on cloud nine! Brad Pitt is apparently in love again. According to US media, he should Andra Day turned his head. After he is said to have raved about her from afar for some time, the Hollywood schnuckel finally got to know the singer and actress personally backstage at the Oscar ceremony at the end of April. Since then, Brad has supposedly been blown away by her.

They flirted backstage and exchanged their phone numbers. I think the two of them would make a great pair. Andra has all the qualities that grab his attention,

Brad Pitt: “He wants the first date to be special”

What qualities are these? Andra Day is not only beautiful, but also smart and talented! and: “Brad especially loves Andra’s confident demeanor.” The 57-year-old could even imagine a joint film project with her. The two are now supposed to write messages every day and talk to each other on the phone.

Andra definitely turned Brad’s head. He thinks all the time about when and how he could execute them. But he wants their first date to be something very special,

so the familiar.

Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston is devastated

After all, Brad hasn’t had much to laugh about lately. Although he recently won a partial victory in the custody dispute with Angelina Jolie and is now allowed to take care of the kids on an equal footing with her. But his ex-wife wants to challenge the verdict. From Jennifer Aniston, who stood by his side during his ongoing War of the Roses with Angelina, he will probably no longer be able to expect any support.

The actress is supposed to be quite injured Brad having looked into another woman. Jennifer apparently still had hoped for a Love Comeback and raved about him in the highest tones at the “Friends” reunion. “She’s a little sad, but she wishes Brad all the luck in the world.” He may have finally found that with Andra!

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