Gottschalk’s big 90s show, … TV tips on Saturday

Gottschalk’s big 90s show, …


TV tips on Saturday

"Gottschalk's big 90s show": Thomas Gottschalk presents a little journey through time.

“Gottschalk’s big 90s show”: Thomas Gottschalk presents a little journey through time.

Photo: ZDF/Sascha Baumann

Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a “big 90s show” with celebrities (ZDF). A mysterious message alerts the policeman Koops in “Harter Brocken” (The First). On ZDFneo, the “temporary gangsters” are planning a robbery.

8:15 pm, ZDF, Gottschalk’s big 90s show, music show

Thomas Gottschalk celebrates the 90s with a major music show on ZDF and presents an evening full of memories with many stars of the decade and gripping live music. Together with the princes, Hartmut Engler von Pur, Sasha, the No Angels, Fools Garden and the talk guests Veronica Ferres, Henry Maske, Michael Mittermeier and Arabella Kiesbauer, Thomas Gottschalk embarks on a journey through time.

20:15, Das Erste, Harter Brocken: Der Geheimcode, Krimi

No one is above the law. There is no exception for police officer Frank Koops (Aljoscha Stadelmann). Even with his newly in love buddy Heiner (Moritz Führmann), who races into the speed camera with Karacho on the way to Mette (Anna Fischer), Koops does not turn a blind eye. While the two are still discussing, a car comes off the country road in front of them. What looks like an unfortunate accident is developing into a complicated criminal case. The dying scientist Schürer (Heinrich Cuipers) puts koops with the last force of an envelope behind which the killer Winter (Holger Handtke) is after.

8:15 pm, ZDFneo, Aushilfsgangster, Comedy

An apartment in a residential complex above the rooftops of New York, a Ferrari and lots of other luxuries: investment fraudster Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) enjoys his life to the fullest. But the FBI gets to the fore of his dubious machinations. Unfortunately, the employees of the “Tower” have also invested their savings for the end of life at Shaw. Since it doesn’t look like Shaw is voluntarily giving them back her money, they plan a robbery – with the help of a real criminal.

8:15 pm, VOX, Pitch Perfect – The stage belongs to us!, musical comedy

The a cappella team “Barden Bellas” loses almost all members after a catastrophic championship performance. Leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) is forced to accept a number of unpopular outsiders into the team. These include her deputy Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). In the mixed bunch is also the cool Beca (Anna Kendrick), who ends up in the singing troupe rather by chance. Together they finally want to defeat their biggest competitors, the “Trebelmakers”, in the big singing competition.

9:45 p.m., Das Erste, Allmen und das Geheimnis der Dahlien, crime comedy

Ironically, the art detective Johann Friedrich von Allmen (Heino Ferch) is staying in a highly noble Zurich hotel when a million-dollar dahlia painting disappears from the owner’s private suite. What could be more obvious to the eccentric Dahlia Gutbauer (Erni Mangold) than to entrust “Allmen International Inquiries” with the discreet replacement? The order promises little good, as the thief demonstrably goes over corpses.

Gottschalk’s big 90s show, …

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