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Cardi B: Gigantic! Her chest almost bursts the suspenders

Rapper Cardi B shows what she has! In her latest Instagram photo, her gigantic stem almost blows up her suspenders. There really is not much missing here and the former stripper is completely exposed in front of the camera.

Cardi B drops the covers on Instagram.
Photo: dpa

Cardi B, once a stripper, then a reality star, now a rapper. Although one could almost believe that she still likes to live out her passion for blank drawing today. That could be suspected at the sight of the latest Instagram snapshot of the scandalous rapper.

Cardi B topless on Instagram: Here she almost blows up her suspenders

As an art figure and fashion icon, rapper Cardi B knows exactly what she has to do to stay in the conversation. In order to keep her 87 million Instagram followers happy, the American always comes up with new bizarre and scandalous actions. At the forefront: provocative nude poses. Also on her current photo, which she posts on the photo and video network, she pulls out all the stops again. With her upper body exposed and black suit trousers attached over two suspenders, Cardi B is currently posing on the net.

Bosom crackers on the net! Cardi B poses half-naked for hip-hop magazine

Not much is missing and Cardi B blows up the trouser holder with her gigantic bosom. Here the suspender smoothly becomes a nipple holder. The 28-year-old only slides past an Instagram ban with a hair’s breadth. Rap star Cardi B can be admired topless at the photo and video network twice. Once with suspenders and once with two silver hands that reach for Belli’s Marlenis Almanzar’s (so Carid B’s real name) chest and thus prevent more intimate glances at her naked breasts. The hot shots for the hip-hop magazine “XXL” were made on “The Edge”, an observation deck in New York City. Almost seems as if the name says it all, if you look at the gigantic views of Cardi B’s naked torso.

Even now, “the giant view”, as fans of the rapper call it, comes to over 4 million likes. The current issue of the “XXL” magazine should be a real bestseller.

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