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Britney Spears: That’s How Much Her Father Earned in Recent Years Through Her


At the latest since Britney Spears’ testimony read out in court, it has become clear that the guardianship that came into force in 2008, with which one originally wanted to protect the singer, must be critically examined. This impression is also reinforced when you see how much her father Jamie Spears has earned over the course of 13 years as a guardian by the pop star. (Also read: Britney Spears – singer wants to get rid of her father for good)

Court documents reveal that Britney Spears’ father receives $16,000 a month (the equivalent of 13,500 euros) for his work as a guardian. In addition, 2,000 dollars (1,700 euros) in cash are incurred, which Jamie Spears gets monthly from the singer’s account. In addition, in recent years he has contributed to the income Britney has earned from her live performances. The singer performed regularly in Las Vegas for years and earned 137.7 million dollars (116.7 million euros). Because Jamie Spears had been contractually guaranteed 1.5 percent of the revenue, he received the equivalent of two million dollars (1.8 million euros) through the shows.

Britney Spears also went on tour in 2011 – and her guardian was also able to benefit from this. A total of 500,000 dollars (424,000 euros) are said to have flowed into Jamie Spears’ account. In 13 years, revenues of five million dollars have been collected.

Britney Spears: Was the singer forced to perform?

Although one must take into account that as a guardian of a famous person higher sums are incurred – it is questionable, however, to what extent their father should actually participate in the income from shows. Given that Britney Spears accuses her entire family of taking advantage of her, such numbers cast a bad picture on the guardian. According to her statement, she had been urged to agree to another tour. This, in turn, would have meant more revenue for Jamie Spears. “Since my family has been living from my guardianship for 13 years, I am not surprised if they say something against their abolition,” the singer said in her statement. (Also interesting: Britney Spears – singer achieves partial success against her father)

Britney Spears claims guardianship violates her dignity

Britney Spears also claims to have been given various medications during the course of guardianship that affected her physically and mentally. In addition, she wears a spiral that prevents her from getting pregnant – even though she and her partner desperately wanted to grow in the family. However, the singer is denied a visit to the doctor to have the contraceptive removed. On September 29, 2021, the guardianship dispute will go back to court – possibly thanks to her new lawyer with better prospects for Britney Spears.


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