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Anne Hathaway: Convicted ex-boyfriend unpacks about relationship

“I think she made a business decision,” he said of Hathaway’s decision to stop contacting him. “She decided that the most important thing was to save her career. I’m not angry. You can look me in the eye. I have no anger, but I was hurt.”

The relationship had previously been “fiery”. He had showered her with gifts. “We’ve had a lot of happy times,” hathaway’s ex said.

Anne Hathaway had 2018 at Saturday Night Live above Follieri’s arrest joked: “I broke up with my boyfriend and two weeks later he went to jail for cheating. I mean, we’ve all experienced this before, or ladies?”

Hathaway has been married to businessman Adam Shulman since 2012. The couple has two children together. Follieri has since been released from prison. His net worth is estimated at $275 million. He, too, has since married and is currently expecting his second child.

“If something positive has come out of it, it’s to understand that you have to have the right person by your side – someone you trust. I trusted the wrong people,” Follieri told the Daily Mail. His wife Konstatina visited him during his four years in prison. “My wife is a person of the heart. She really cares about me, not what I have or can afford. If I decided tomorrow to live a simple life, she would agree.”

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