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After Cheating Scandal: Selena Gomez Resigned From Church

That clearly went too far for her! The star pastor Carl Lentz made negative headlines in November: The clergyman had cheated on his wife and as a consequence lost his job at the famous church Hillsong Church. While his buddy Justin Bieber (26) has not yet commented on the scandal, his wife Hailey (24) has already unfollowed the pastor on Instagram. Another celebrity lady now took a more drastic step: Selena Gomez (28) is from Carls Church withdrawn!

Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber in New York

This reports The Daily Telegraph and refers to a confidant from the singer’s environment. According to the statements, she used to love the 42-year-old – but now she wants nothing more to do with him and his religious community. “Selena considers herself a Christian […] and she believes that God does not want us to [wie Carl] act. She is deeply disappointed”, the insider said. After the incident, the beauty could no longer identify with the church.

But not only Carl’s famous friends already drew consequences from the scandal – the pastor himself also made a decision. “[Er bekommt] treatment in an outpatient facility specializing in depression, anxiety, and pastor burnout.”, shared an informant People with. The father of three takes this step to love his family, who are fully behind him.

Pastor Carl Lentz, 2015 in New York City

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