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Justin is looking for contact with her again!

Is Justin Bieber jealous? Just recently it became known that Selena Gomez should finally be freshly in love again, as “The Sun” reports that the musician is said to have contacted his ex-girlfriend by text message.  chance?

It’s a Never ending Story between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The two musicians, who met and became love in 2010, had an on-off relationship for years, but almost three years ago it seemed to be over for good. In January 2018, “Jelena”, as many fans affectionately called the couple, finally separated after another love affair. However, the 26-year-old did not seem to be sad about the separation at the time, because after only two months he was already back with Hailey Bieber, then Baldwin, together and even married her a little later. With Selena, it was a bit different. In her song “Lose You To Love” she sang her heartache from the soul and also clearly settled accounts with Biebs. Among other things, the song says: “After only two months, you replaced me as if it had been easy.”

jealous? Justin writes Selena again

But now all the pain should finally be forgotten, because recently US media reported that Selena Gomez should be in firm hands again. the Professional basketball player Jimmy Butler have conquered the heart of the beauty, it was said, and so it seemed clear that Sel Justin has finally left behind him – at least that’s the plan, because as the British tabloid “The Sun” now reports, the 26-year-old should only seek contact with his ex again shortly after Sel’s new relationship became known: “Selena kept his distance from Justin, but he recently started contacting her again”, reports an insider, who is said to be close to the interpreter. Can’t Justin Bieber stand the fact that there is a new man in Selena’s life? After all, the 28-year-old was the first great love of the swarm of women. Or is Biebs just trying to build a friendship with Selena? So far, only the two of them know that themselves. However, the question arises as to what wife Hailey Bieber has to say about her husband seeking contact with his ex again. Understandably, the 24-year-old should not be happy about this …

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