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Jennifer Aniston + Co.: Hollywood stars who are childless happy

Jennifer Aniston + Co.
These Hollywood stars are childless happy

Some stars like Jennifer Aniston have decided not to get offspring – and are childlessly happy.


The desire to have children is more pronounced in some people than in others. Various Hollywood greats such as Jennifer Aniston have decided against offspring – and do not regret it.

Getting married in your early 20s and then starting family planning as quickly as possible: this social model is no longer up-to-date. Some of us want children, others don’t – and both options are equally justified. Even in Hollywood, many stars are childless happy.

Jennifer Aniston: “We are allowed to determine our own happiness”

Jennifer Aniston, 52, loves her life as it is, and be tired of having to justify herself for it, as she once told the Huffington Post: “We don’t have to be married or mother to be complete. We are allowed to determine our own happiness.” The actress is not alone in this opinion. Find out in the video which Hollywood stars are still childless happy.

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