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Billie Eilish’s new album is for fans only

BerlinBillie Eilish and her fans have a close bond – and the 19-year-old singer also makes it easy to build one with her. A documentary and a photo book already show intimate excerpts from the life of the Californian. Her Instagram channel has long since become a kind of diary. And if you want to know what Eilish’s music sounds like next, you don’t even need a journalist anymore. At least some of their listeners.

The American record company Interscope, with which the musician is under contract, together with partners from various countries, had selected radio stations for their album “Happier Than Ever”, which will be released on Friday, which organize an exclusive pre-listening of the new work. In Berlin, it hit the local independent broadcaster FluxFM, the raffle took place via their mobile app.

On Tuesday evening, some chairs and loudspeakers were moved together in the Kreuzberg Club Prince Charles. What happened as a result remains a secret. Neither employees of the club, the station, the label, let alone journalists were invited. No sound, no social media post has left the room. Eilish has indeed managed to create an intimate and exclusive event in a time of complete networking.

But Eilish wouldn’t be Eilish if she didn’t also take care of the rest of her followers. On her social channels you can find a track list and photos from the studio, three songs she has released so far. In an interview with music video provider Vevo, she recommended listening to “Happier Than Ever” in the car on a rainy day: “Turn up the volume, lean back, close your eyes and listen.”

You will find out what we recommend to the readers of the Berliner Zeitung as soon as Eilish provides her music for the extended circle of friends.

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Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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