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Two Heads Creek – Bloody: German trailer lets the cannibals off the leash!

Quite a few dream of leaving their old existence behind, emigrating and starting all over again. The prospect of a better life and the big, wide world beckon. But you know them: horror stories of failed existences, of a rude awakening and unfriendly locals who look down on the newcomers with discouragement and create discord.

And yet there are always daring people who are not deterred by this – such as the twin siblings Norman (Jordan Waller, The darkest hour) and Annabelle (Kathryn Wilder, Frontier), which is in the horror-comedy blend Two Heads Creek move out to seek their fortune in Australia and learn more about their own roots. Can this go well in times of post-Brexit and the immigrant crisis?

Bloody as Tcm: Down Under, all hell breaks loose. ©Busch Media

Shaun of the Dead meets cannibals

Of course not! Because as soon as she arrives in the sleepy Australian backwoods town of Two Heads Creek, the home of her own mother, it dawns on the permanently bickering, unequal siblings that something is not right here. And you don’t have to be a genius to know what that might be.

Strictly speaking, Australian director Jesse O’Brien (Arrowhead) and his writer colleague/lead actor Jordan Waller make no secret of their obvious role models and genre colleagues, who are ceded between hillbilly horror of the brand The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and comedy in the style of Shaun of the Dead swaying monument.

Watch the German trailer for Two Heads Creek:

When the outback residents throw suspicious glances at each other, drink and celebrate abundantly and then also cuddle up conspiratorially, then you already know: There is more to the menu here than just the local wildlife. And so the initially still tame road trip soon degenerates into a tangible horror-splatter battle festival, in which buckets of artificial blood and plenty of wooden hammer humor are used.

That sounds exactly like “your taste”? Then watch out:

The Busch Media Group ensures that from 27 August 2021 we will also be able to fill the cloth with the sloping Two Heads Creekresidents (cast with plenty of TV celebrities from Down Under) and can look over the shoulder of the twins at the unveiling of a gruesome family secret – and of course, as the cover promises, completely unabridged and with red FSK 18!

Hearty: Will be released this August completely unabridged! ©Busch Media

Written on 28.07.2021 by Torsten Schrader

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