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Lady Gaga doppelgänger competes at Tokyo Olympics

It’s once again found food for the Internet: As the Jordanian Taekwondo athlete Julyana Al-Sadeq competed on Monday (July 26) as part of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, some people saw her as a doppelganger of Lady Gaga. Since then, thousands have been joking about the similarity of the two women via social media.

First and foremost, of course, “Gaga Daily” – the pop singer’s biggest fan page – drew attention to the similarity between Julyana Al-Sadeq and the pop singer. After the site shared a photo of the 26-year-old athlete and wrote: “Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics?”, more than 24,000 people left their likes.

“What can’t Lady Gaga do?”

The site then shared a compilation of several photos, in which other Lady Gaga doppelgängers can also be seen. Among them are a judge and a firefighter. The fan page wrote: “What can’t Lady Gaga actually do?” Another Twitter user wrote: “Lady Gaga says, ‘Fuck the Grammys and Oscars – I want a gold medal now.’

Others joked that Lady Gaga had only trained for the Olympics to promote her new album CHROMATICA. It is the fifth studio album of the 35-year-old. The record was released in May 2020. But not everyone saw Julyana Al-Sadeq as a Lady Gaga doppelganger. Some find that she is more like the actress Anne Hathaway.

Be that as it may, Al-Sadeq – who won the gold medal in the 67 kg weight class at the 2018 Asian Games – has now been eliminated in the second round of the Olympic Games. She lost to the Brazilian Milena Titoneli.

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