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Britney Spears: Now her mother speaks and confirms Britney’s words

Dispute over guardianship
“A relationship full of fear and hatred”: Now the mother of Britney Spears speaks

Lynn Spears, Britney Spears

Lynn Spears, the mother of Britney Spears, intervened in the guardianship dispute

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The relationship between Britney Spears and her mother is considered difficult, but now Lynne Spears has sided with her daughter for the first time. She supports in court their demand to remove the father as a guardian. And confirms bad reports.

Lynne Spears has lobed the court for her daughter’s wishes: The 66-year-old issued a written statement that largely confirms the spectacular allegations that Britney Spears made public in two recent hearings. Like her daughter and her new lawyer Mathew Rosengart, she demands the removal of Britney Spears’ father Jamie as her guardian.

He is not able to put his interests behind those of his daughter, according to Lynne Spears. Since the beginning of the now 13-year guardianship, Jamie Spears has had absolute control over Britney’s finances and her health. Meanwhile, according to Britney’s lawyer, father and daughter don’t even talk to each other anymore. Lynn Spears also says it’s a relationship full of hatred and fear.

Jamie Spears has his daughter Britney monitored

A low point was an alleged physical altercation between Jamie Spears and Britney’s son Preston, 15 years old, in 2019. Lynne Spears describes the incident as “inexcusable” and “insanely frightening” since the grandfather is no longer allowed to approach Britney’s sons in court. “That destroyed everything that was left of the relationship between them,” says Lynne Spears.

Dispute over guardianship: "A relationship full of fear and hatred": Now the mother of Britney Spears speaks

She also confirmed that Jamie Spears has his daughter monitored by domestic workers around the clock and forces her to take inappropriate medications. He also had her admitted to a clinic against her will and threatened her with punishment if she refused. This constant threat of punishment is “offensive and frightening” for Britney.

What Britney Spears thinks of her mother’s support is not known. The relationship between the two is considered difficult. In court, the singer said that she would like to sue her whole family. The next court date in the dispute over her guardianship is scheduled for September 29.

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