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Ben Affleck: What Buddy Matt Damon Thinks About the Love Comeback

The Hollywood news in the GALA ticker: Matt Damon gives his blessing to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez +++ Court allows Britney Spears to drive again +++ Joshua Jackson raves about daughter Janie.

The Hollywood news of the day in the GALA ticker

July 28, 2021

Matt Damon is “so happy” about the Bennifer reunion

Matt Damon, 50, gives his blessing to the newly blossomed relationship between his buddy Ben Affleck, 48, and Jennifer Lopez, 52. The Hollywood star raves about the unexpected love reunion and assures how “happy” he is for his best friend and the singer. “I’m just so happy for him. He’s the best,” Damon told Extra on Monday, July 26, 2021, stressing, “He deserves every happiness in the world. I’m happy for both.”

It’s the first time Damon has explicitly and downright euphorically commented on his longtime boyfriend’s refreshed romance with his celebrity ex-girlfriend. After the first rumors were made in the spring of 2021 by photos of dates of the two stars, Damon held back with comments. “I love them both,” the Oscar winner assured rather vaguely at the time and played the ignorant: “I hope it’s true. That would be great.”

Meanwhile, Ben and Jennifer make no secret of their newly sparked love. Currently, the two spend a few days in St. Tropez. Jennifer now shares her passionate kisses herself on social media.

July 27, 2021

Britney Spears: Court relents! She is allowed to drive again

Britney Spears, 39, is finally back at the wheel – and in two ways. After a judge agreed to her request to hire her own lawyer Mathew Rosengart following the resignation of a court-appointed lawyer, the tide seems to be turning for the pop icon. The singer is finally allowed to drive alone again. “Britney is very happy that she is now allowed to drive as part of the guardianship,” a source close to the star told People.

Britney Spears is currently trying in court to have her father Jamie Spears, 69, strip her guardianship. On Monday (July 26, 2021), her lawyer filed a corresponding application, as reported by CNN, among others. Previous attempts to obtain a replacement of her father have so far failed. In the proceedings, Britney had personally taken a stand and testified that she had been denied her own medical decisions under legal guardianship, among other things. She had to take medication against her will. In addition, she was forced to use contraception so as not to get pregnant again. Britney’s revelations have sparked a wave of solidarity among fans and other US star. A strong support that apparently gives Britney wings, as the insider reports: “She is thrilled and more than grateful for all the help she is getting right now.”

July 26, 2021

Joshua Jackson speaks for the first time about his little “delight”

Joshua Jackson, 43, has simply not been able to get out of the beam for almost three months. The Hollywood star and British actress Jodie Turner-Smith, 34, have been parents to little Janie since April and their world currently revolves around their sweet daughter. “It’s wonderful,” enthuses the happy dad on the “Jess Cagle Show” in the program of the American radio station “SiriusXMs”. “It’s amazing. My first [Tochter], of course, and she’s a little delight every day.”

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson love their walks with daughter Janie through the streets of New York.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson love their walks with daughter Janie through the streets of New York.


Joshua has become a father for the first time and is therefore overflowing with happiness – and amazement. “It’s just an amazing thing where all the clichés are true. I mean, all those who have ever said to you, ‘Oh, you’re never going to experience a love like this,’ are right,” he says, describing his experience as a new father.” And, ‘You think you’re in love with her the first time you see her, but you have no idea how intense it gets.’ This is absolutely true.”

that Wonders of a new life and the exciting getting to know phase will still have many adventures in store for Joshua and Jodie. The “Dawson’s Creek” star can’t wait to show his daughter series and movies he’s starred in. “I’m very curious to see how she reacts to Dad in front of the camera, so at first. I mean, it’s going to take many, many years, but if she ever watches Mighty Ducks, for example, she sees me as a little boy. I don’t know how she will react when she experiences her father so rejuvenated.” Exciting years lie ahead of Joshua Jackson and his Janie. Hopefully, the two will always be accompanied by the radiance and magic of their early days.

Will the daughter of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin soon start a film career?

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, 63, and his wife, yoga expert Hilaria Baldwin, 37, are nursing the skills of their seven children. Just recently, the actor and voice actor revealed that his daughter Carmen, 7, wants to become an actress, singer, dancer, model, magician and lawyer.

Now Baldwin is posting a photo of his daughter on Instagram. Carmen looks shyly into the camera. “I want to make a film with her,” Alec writes about the picture of his sugar-sweet daughter.

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The fans react very differently to the photo of daughter Carmen. “She’s absolutely beautiful,” and “What a beauty. I can’t believe how big it has become,” the subscribers comment enthusiastically. But also worried comments can be found under the photo. “Please let them have a childhood […]” writes a follower. ” Please protect them from the business,” another subscriber worries.

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