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As if there were no Corona: Rapper Cardi B. celebrates unrestrained birthday party

Las Vegas –

Someone probably thought that the corona pandemic was taking a break on her special day: Rapper Cardi B. celebrated her 28th birthday on Sunday – as if there was no tomorrow. There was no trace of distance and reason – instead countless guests were present, there was a lot of “tinkering”, i.e. danced in a very specific way, and the alcohol flowed in streams. The fans of the “I like it” singer are outraged.

In Las Vegas, the corks popped last Sunday. Among the celebrity guests at Cardi B.’s birthday party was not only husband and rapper Offset, but also rapper Meghan Thee Stallion and other stars and starlets.

On Instagram, Cardi B. also gave her fans numerous party insights: pictures and videos of dancing, cuddling and cuddling guests.

Despite Corona: Rapper Cardi B. celebrates unrestrained birthday party

The singer appeared lying on the floor, surrounded by numerous birthday guests. After the official party, the party continued for Cardi B. and some of her guests at the hotel. Here people danced lasciviously until the morning hours.

Celebrity colleagues were enthusiastic and amused under Cardi’s Instagram post and liked to remember the lively Sause. “Haha that’s hilarious,” comments fellow rapper “2Chainz” and actress B Simone “was hypnotized.” Comedian KWAY only comments: “Take me backkkk” (german: “I want backkkk”) and rapper Executive Coop says: “As long as you had fun! Happy Birthday!”

Fans are outraged: Rapper Cardi B. twerks and cuddles passionately – despite Corona

However, the Cardi B. ́s fans see it a little differently. They are outraged by the recklessness of the young rapper, who seems to be completely indifferent to any corona protection measures. “How irresponsible. Have you forgotten that we are in a global pandemic?”, writes one fan and another ironically: “Social distancing at its finest”.

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Another remarks bitingly: “Understood. Celebrities don’t believe that social distancing also applies to them.” However, a follower also discovers a single guest in the photo who is actually wearing a mask – and praises him. Whether this has any effect, however, with the small distance of the revelers to each other and the cuddly, remains to be seen.

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