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Ponytail like Ariana Grande: In 5 steps to the star hairstyle

“If you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair, it is very important that you first untangle it and then straighten it by blow-drying it properly or using a straightener. I recommend using T3’s ‘Lucea ID’ straightener, with special attention to the approaches to make it super smooth and make it easier to put your hair up.”

Step 2

“Take your hair loosely where you want the ponytail to sit. I then recommend the use of products that straighten the hair. I don’t want my ponytail to feel excessively hard or firm. Instead, I prefer to apply products with a small brush, I recommend the ‘Vegan Boar Bristle Brush’ by Diane. Then smooth the pages. Use an edge control brush to make sure they get super smooth, and combine them with a firm, flexible gel and a small splash of hairspray for extreme grip. If you have wavy or curly hair, you’d better avoid water-based products, as this can cause your hair to return to its structure.”

Step 3

“Then I open the loose ponytail I initially tied and use a brush with wild boar and nylon bristles. I recommend Mason Pearson’s popular brush to put it all together, smooth it one last time and eliminate any bumps. If necessary, I add even more product. Be patient, the smoothing process takes a while, but it is necessary for it to become perfect.”

Step 4

“The most important part: the hair rubber. It must be strong, stretchy and durable enough to support your ponytail and hold it all day. I swear by the hair rubber from Útiles Beauty. If you don’t have a strong hair gum, you probably won’t be able to create a sufficiently strong or firm base, and the ponytail will sink over the course of the day. I recommend wrapting the hair rubber around your hand twice and then pushing it over the ponytail, then pulling the loops as tightly as possible, and then continuing to loop as tightly as you like. For me, there are on average about eight loops around my base. If you want more height, you can still tie one or two more hair rubbers around for extra support.”

Step 5

Now it’s time to work on the volume in your lengths. “I recommend using some dry shampoo or texture spray. Then start toupe the base of your ponytail by working your way up from bottom to top. Fix each section with a little hairspray for extreme hold. For extra hold, seal the hairspray and touped areas by swiping a tool like T3’s ‘Singlepass Curling Iron’ against this area. Brush out the top layers of each section gently, but not too much, as you don’t want to brush it out completely.”

“For those who have fine or shorter hair, I additionally recommend a ponytail hairpiece as a quick solution to maintain the volume and length. If you have the length but not the fullness, you can always add a few clip-ins to thicken your hair. I recommend those from Luxy Hair as they are beautiful and full and have great colour options for ‘ponytail wraps’ (20″ long and 16″ short) and ‘clip-ins’ (20″ and 24″ sets).” Ariana, is that you?

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