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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Children only bathe “when you can see dirt”

Mila Kunis (37) and Ashton Kutcher (43) have an attitude to the hygiene of their children that probably takes some getting used to for many parents. Because daughter Wyatt Isabelle (6) and son Dimitri Portwood (4) are only bathed when the dirt is visible. This is what the Hollywood parents tell in the AMERICAN “Armchair Expert” podcast by Dax Shepard (46) and Monica Padman (33).

In the video above you can see how happy her children make Mila. At that time, daughter Wyatt was still a baby.

Mila Kunis, who was born in Ukraine, tells her interlocutors anecdotes from her childhood: “I didn’t have warm water, so I didn’t shower often anyway.” But even as a Hollywood star with plenty of money and even more water, this fact has not changed. “As soon as I had children, I didn’t wash them every day,” she says. She is not the parent who bathes his newborns – “never”.

Ashton Kutcher: “If you see the dirt, you should clean it”

Husband Ashton Kutcher is also of this opinion. “The thing is, if you see the dirt on them, you should clean them. Otherwise it makes no sense,” he agrees with his wife Mila. The “American Academy of Dermatology Association” takes a slightly different view. She explains on her website that while children ages 6 to 11 don’t need to be bathed daily, they should wash at least once or twice a week.

On the net, their everyday family life is already causing discussions. “You’re just worried about the dirt? What about the smell? Disgusting,” comments one user on Twitter, for example. And another user writes: “I explain to my nieces and nephews that hygiene is not optional. Apparently, I also have to have this conversation with adult celebrities.”

Again and again, separation rumors circulate around the Hollywood dream couple. In rare public appearances, however, the two refute them again and again. As last seen in 2018. You can see how intimate the two are with each other in the video below.

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