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Merkel: Why Billie Eilish looks like the young Chancellor

A curious comparison is currently circulating on the Internet. Users see similarities between Angela Merkel and Billie Eilish – and rightly so?

One is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the world, the other has been leading the fortunes of Germany and the world for 16 years. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel and musician Billie Eilish don’t just have impressive careers in common. They also look very similar to how a Internet phenomenon displays.

There are especially photos of the young Merkel, the users on the website Reddit and the short message service Twitter to get her with the 21-year-old Eilish to compare.

Merkel and Eilish: The similarity is evident in the smile

Which is quickly noticeable in the pictures. The similarity is particularly evident because the now 66-year-old and Eilish sometimes share the same habitus share – apart from the diamond, of course. Both Merkel and Eilish are not known for smiling much in public. But with the friendly waving greeting to the fans, of course, both are full professionals enough to lift the corners of their mouths at least a little. At the latest when the chancellor and musicians smile mischievously, the similarity of the two clearly.

But not only the positive Facial expressions Merkel and Eilish share. The fact that the two are sometimes annoyed by the spotlight or certain questions, they can not hide very well.

Otherwise, the chancellor and singer probably have little in common. While Merkel revealed at a panel discussion in 2019 that when cooking she is more like the sounds of classical music Eilish cites US rapper Tyler the Creator as one of her biggest influences. Her musical talent brought Eilish a record deal with a major label at the age of 14. Merkel, on the other hand, spent her time at 14 on family holidays in Czechia and was interested in the political spirit of optimism in Prague in 1968.


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