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Katy Perry stands by her body after giving birth

26. June 2021 – 9:50 clock

This is what women look like after the birth of their child

Wonderfully relaxed singer Katy Perry (36) walks along the beach with daughter Daisy on a holiday in Greece. What makes the trip so special? Katy shows a normal after-baby body in a purple swimsuit. Because in contrast to many new Hollywood mothers, who have a six-pack shortly after birth, Katy is casual to her still existing baby pounds, as we show in the video.

Katy Perry doesn’t care about the baby pounds

It’s not the first time Katy has publicly shown her after-baby body and doesn’t care that she doesn’t have her pre-pregnancy figure back yet. For celebrity mothers usually an absolute no-go. Especially when the birth was almost a year ago, as with Katy.

But Katy apparently has much more desire to enjoy her mommy existence and spend time with her little one and her fiancé Orlando Bloom (44) than to torture herself in the gym and diet. And if there has to be a public appearance, then she just slips into shaping underwear. Katy has also admitted this wonderfully normal on Instagram. A really cool mom. (csp)

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