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Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom: Did they get married secretly?

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom
Suspicious evidence: Have the two been married for a long time?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

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Katy Perry congratulates Orlando Bloom on Father’s Day on Instagram with a video. Your followers notice a special detail: Did the two marry secretly?

“Happy First Father’s Day to the healer of my heart and the giver of my greatest gift! I love you,” Katy Perry, 36, wrote under a video on Instagram, which was obviously made in the circle room.

Dressed in a surgical gown, hair protection and a large jukebox, Orlando Bloom, 44, keeps his loved one company in the circle room. While he turns the controls of the jukebox lost in thought, a ring on his left ring finger catches the eye – and triggers fierce speculation.

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Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom: Secret Wedding?

Actually, the wedding of the two was supposed to take place last spring in Japan, but due to the corona pandemic, Perry and Bloom put their wedding plans on hold for the time being. Since a joint Hawaii vacation, however, the speculation about a secret wedding is getting louder and louder. On vacation, Katy was spotted having a suspicious-looking ring adorning her left ring finger. Did the two secretly marry before the birth of their daughter? The ring on Orlando’s finger could be another indication of this.

In 2018, Katy Perry confirmed the love comeback with the actor. A year later, the engagement followed. In August 2020, daughter Daisy was born.

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