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Angelina Jolie: Was adopted son Maddox bought by family?

Was Angelina Jolie’s (46) eldest son Maddox (19) stolen from his birth family? This question comes up again with a new documentary. In “The Stolen Children”, film student Elizabeth Jacobs (21) investigates the allegations that alleged orphans in Cambodia were bought up by “Baby Finder” by poor families and then placed with rich Western families.

A well-known adoption broker named Lauryn Galindo was arrested in 2004 for falsifying birth documents to obtain U.S. orphan visas. According to the Sun, between 1997 and 2001, Galindo’s Seattle International Adoptions agency was responsible for half of all adoptions (800 out of 1600) from Cambodia to U.S. parents.

Jolie is said to have checked the death of parents

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