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That’s why Ariana Grande *never* shows her real, curly hair • WOMAN. at

Renewable approach, uncut bangs, broken tips – over the last year we have learned to live with our unstyled, untreated hair. For some, the Natural Look
still out of the question – which explains the rush to the hair salons. For the others, this was an instructive time: Who cares about the hairstyle?

This probably also applies to singer Ariana Grande. In March 2020, she posted an unusual picture: without a ponytail and smooth mane! It quickly turned out that it was her natural hair, which is beautifully curly in nature:

After the posting, the 27-year-old began to talk openly about her hair and, above all, about why she doesn’t like to show it. “My hair serves the different roles I play,” Grande explained on a radio talk show. For example, the red mane she wore in her Nickelodeon days as “Cat Valentine” and the high ponytail, which is now her trademark, are a kind of “protection” from the public. Very few people would see her real hair, which she describes as a “giant whirlwind head”: “It reminds me of who I was as a child and who I am privately.”

Also in her song “My Hair” is clear how
intimate this topic is for them. It says:

»Oh baby, don’t be afraid and touch my hair. I don’t usually do that, but I’ll show you what it’s really like.«

By the way, “baby” refers to her boyfriend Dalton Gomez, who is a big fan of her whirlwind head: “With him, I can just be who I am.”

Whether we Ariana Grande now more often au naturel
at events? Not really, according to the singer. “You could say that my ponytail is ‘married’ to my music. In addition, I can easily separate the public from the private. And that’s not a matter of course in my industry.”

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