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Singer Billie Eilish fuels debate over sexual orientation

MWith the music video “Lost Cause”, Billie Eilish has started a debate about her sexual orientation. The video, released two weeks ago, shows the singer in silk tops and erotic poses at an overnight party with various women.

Her Instagram post “I love women” further fueled speculation about the nineteen-year-old’s possible homosexuality. American media had previously repeatedly reported on a romance between Eilish and actor Matthew Tyler Vorce (“Little Monsters”). “If the video was her coming out, everything is fine. But if she turns out to be straight now, the whole thing is pure queerbaiting,” one fan wrote on behalf of many on social media.

Queerbaiting, a play on words of “homosexual” and “bait,” describes pretended same-sex romances in order to gain lesbian and gay followers. Eilish, meanwhile, is holding back. She commented on the debate about the alleged queerbaiting on Instagram briefly and concisely with “I am tired”.

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