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“She makes me laugh”: Ex-husband still loves Jennifer Aniston

“She makes me laugh”
Ex-husband still loves Jennifer Aniston

Many couples can no longer stand each other after a separation. With Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, the opposite is true. The two US actors have been divorced for three years now, but apparently they still have a lot in common. “We love each other,” he says of his ex-wife.

For seven years, Justin Theroux has shared his life with fellow actress Jennifer Aniston. In 2018, the separation became known. However, the two ex-spouses are still friends, as the actor confirms to the magazine “Esquire”. “We don’t have contact every day, but we call each other. We make video calls and we write,” he says.

Theroux could not speak of a dramatic separation. On the contrary: “We love each other.” The 49-year-old appreciates the friendship with the actress very much. She makes him laugh “very, very often.” “She’s a funny person,” Theroux says of Hollywood star Aniston. For the actor, it would truly be “a loss if we had no more contact”.

Justin Theroux is single. “There is only one central relationship in my life – my mother,” he jokes. Since it’s hard to meet new people in times of the corona pandemic, online dating would be an option. Not for the 49-year-old, however. According to his own statement, he does not use dating apps. “It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but I actually like getting to know someone,” he explains.

The urge to start a family and have children does not feel Theroux. “As for the desire to continue the family line, there are enough Therouxs in the world who can do that for me,” he says.

Still, he thinks it’s “kind of great if there was a knock on my door and someone said, ‘Hey, I’m your 16-year-old kid.’ I would say, ‘Oh my God, that’s incredible.'”

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