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Reducing stress with Justin Bieber

WWhen Mrs. O. is very stressed – so much so that she should actually do everything at the same time – she listens to songs by Justin Bieber. Or Katy Perry. Her colleagues scurry around Mrs. O., they ask and complain and rattle with their coffee cups, but Mrs. O. does not hear them, she only hears “Oh Yeahs” and “Aaw Nos” and rhythms that flow as gently as Mrs. O.’s work should not have such a time pressure. Mrs. O. doesn’t particularly like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, but their triviality helps her.

When she is in the home office, Mrs. O. sometimes thinks of the Lofi Girl sitting at his desk in a narrow attic room. The Lofi Girl is not a real girl, but the mascot of a music livestream that rarely has less than 25,000 listeners. All over the world, people love the Lofi Girl for its unwavering concentration. A beautiful cityscape, a fluffy cat, a brightly lit laptop screen – the Lofi Girl is not distracted by all this. It just keeps working with slow pop sounds on the ears. Music, as the Lofi Girl knows, reduces stress.

She helps when the silence sometimes becomes unbearable, alone at home without the whirring of the printer or the annoyed murmur of the seat neighbor. A colleague of Mrs. O. therefore always listens to the radio in the home office, although it would drive her crazy in the office.

Music even helps when other music keeps you from working. Although Mrs. S. is employed by a museum, her office is located directly under a music school. When the morning turns into the afternoon and Mrs. S. listens to “Für Elise” for the 30th time, she turns on hip-hop. There is no better antidote.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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