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Debate about sexuality: Is Billie Eilish screwing her fans?

Did the musician just play something to everyone to market her music video for “Lost Cause”?


New Music Video
Instead of traveling around the world during the Corona crisis and giving her debut album live again, Billie Eilish had locked herself up at home with her brother FINNEAS and created a follow-up.

“That’s what we’ve been talking about for months: how humble this year has been for so many people and as much as I wish I could have had the year I had planned – with and tour and blah, blah, blah – … We would never have made this album,” Billie told Zane Lowe of Beats 1. She then called the Corona crisis a “curse and a blessing at the same time” and added: “I’m really happy that we were able to create the tracks we worked out. And I can’t wait for you to hear them. I can’t wait for the world to hear them. I am very excited and hopeful about the future.”

And the future seems to be within reach: Billie has already confirmed the drop of her album “Happier Than Ever”, which will be released on July 30, 2021. Fittingly, she has already decoupled the single “Lost Cause” and the accompanying music video:

All just promo?
In the music video embedded above, Billie can be seen for the first time lightly dressed with some girlfriends, who wet each other with water, jump around on the bed and deliver a small choreography. Eilish himself published some photos from the set and wrote via Instagram: “I love girls”

However, this statement now seems to have made her fans angry: While the seven-time GRAMMY winner had apparently given her female followers hope for a lesbian romance, she was now accused of having recorded those scenes only in order to win over homosexual followers.

Dates with a possible friend
While her fans can’t understand whether Eilish is actually into girls or heterosexual, the musician herself doesn’t seem to waste any thought on it. Instead, she was only spotted at Disneyland in mid-June 2021 with her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce, who may be ten years her senior…

… and held hands publicly with the actor for the first time:

But even this happiness does not seem to last long. Instead, fans of the “bury a friend” performer have found old tweets and Facebook postings in which Matthew is said to have made homophobic and racist statements. Eilish himself has not yet spoken directly on these messages and instead gave an Instagram post, triggering a shitstorm.

“This fan base is sometimes so embarrassing. Why write something in someone else’s comment box if you have no idea if these things are right or you literally made it all up?” “Sometimes you’re all really so stupid. Some of you should really learn to take care of your own stuff.”

So far, Billie Eilish has not publicly spoken out about her new boyfriend and seems to have really got to know and love the actor during the Corona crisis.

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