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After a court dispute with Depp: What is Amber Heard actually up to?

It was a mud fight at its finest that Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, engaged in his delander trial against the British Sun last summer, after the British newspaper called the actor a “wife beater.” The former couple fought each other with mutual accusations, so many evil details about the short marriage came to light. In the end, the competent judge dismissed Depp’s complaint. He announced that he would lodge an objection. Since then, it has become quiet not only about the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star but also about Amber Heard, who emerged as the provisional winner of the trial, but whose image has suffered considerably as a result of the process – as well as Depps.

New film by Amber Heard torn apart by critics

As an actress, Amber Heard hasn’t reaped any laurels lately. Her most recent 2019 film “Gully” by director Nabil Elderkin was ripped off by critics. The indie film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019. Due to the corona pandemic, however, it was not released in cinemas until the beginning of June. However, the chances that it could become a blockbuster are poor. Critics have so far been unimpressed. Also on the movie rating platform Rotten Tomatoes, “Gully” is described as “catastrophic and confusing”,” among other things.

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