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That’s why alcohol is taboo for her!

The beauty Megan Fox is an idol for many millions of people. Not only because she always looks so good in movies and is a very good actress, but also because she is a real role model. For example, she no longer drinks alcohol at all. In an interview with Who What Wear she even revealed the secret reason.

Actress Megan Fox no longer drinks alcohol. This is due to a very specific reason. There was a really embarrassing incident a few years ago, which she doesn’t want to keep to herself anymore, if you don’t already know him anyway. Since then, she has not touched a drink.

Embarrassing interview at Golden Globe Awards

Maybe you saw the interview of the 35-year-old from 2009 at the Golden Globe Awards – after all, it went really viral and still spreads today. Drunk, she told some embarrassing things about herself and the work on set. But how could she get so drunk? “I sat at a table with Blake Lively and all three Jonas Brothers. At the Golden Globes, they always put these huge Moët champagne bottles on the table. I took one glass at a time,” she said today. At the time, she even said that she was about to vomit.

Megan Fox no longer drinks alcohol

She was so embarrassed that she learned from it and drew consequences. “Now I don’t drink anymore and that’s why: I was aggressive and I said a bunch of shit that I should never have said on the red carpet. I got into big trouble for what I gave of myself on the red carpet at the event,” says the beauty openly and honestly. Already read? Arrest warrant: First words from Michael Wendler!

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