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Shirin David poses half-naked for Rihanna

Shirin David

At the latest since her music video for the single “Gib ihm” it is clear that Shirin David is not stingy with her charms even as a rapper and likes to present a lot of naked skin. Just like her role models from the American rap scene, the 24-year-old is not exactly conservative and deliberately plays with her body.

The young artist has been going all out in her music for some time now and shows herself and her body, in which she invested over 75,000 € for cosmetic surgery, as shellless as never before. She already met her critics on the same song with a clear statement: “I want to come in my underwear, f**k your dress code”

However, the criticism of the rapper’s approach has not stopped since then. For example, the rapper recently received a lot of criticism for the music video for her song “Hoes up G’s down”. “This is half a por*o,” commented some viewers under the video and even some fans agreed with the critics.


Nevertheless, Shirin continues to drive her rail and has been able to achieve success with it for years now. Recently, she also showed a lot of skin away from her music videos – for an art project on her own behalf! So she posed in a bra and thong thong, for a limited edition of her merch.

Now the rapper poses again liberally in several pictures – for the collection of US star Rihanna! It sells its own lingerie brand “Savage x Fenty”.

Currently, Shirin is the advertising face of the German version of rihanna’s brand. Under the motto “Shirin David in Savage X – Do we love” and a hot photo of the 26-year-old, the new collection of the American singer Rihanna is advertised.

Here you can see the picture of Shirin David:

Shirin David poses half-naked
Shirin David poses half-naked

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