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Photo shows hot kisses on holiday in Turkey>entertainment>

05. July 2021 – 10:45 clock

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom use the holiday for knutscheinlagen

When love goes swimming, it sounds alarming at first. But not in the case of the two turtle doves Katy Perry (36) and Orlando Bloom (44). When these two go swimming in terms of love, they cuddle like newly in love teenagers! How cute that looks, we show in the video above.

Your sweet daughter is apparently not a romantic killer

In a new holiday photo, the couple shows themselves intimately and kissing while bathing in Turkey. Not a matter of course. After all, the stars are no longer alone for a year, but take care of daughter Daisy (10 months).

With a toddler at home, romance can sometimes be neglected. Not so in the Perry-Bloom house. Okay, to be fair, the couple has a small advantage over the average citizen. Because in the Californian home of the Turtelnden is their own cooking team ready, so Katy and her sweetheart then probably rarely have to swing the wooden spoon themselves.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that the singer-actor-love team still has time for hot kisses in the cool water even apart from the care around the sweet Daisy. That they are always worth an eye-catcher, they have already proven with their legendary paddle trip. (nos)

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