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New Look? Cardi B Is Made up by Her Daughter

Cardi B (28) now got a make-up of a very special kind! For the shooting of video clips or for the big appearance at events, the rapper is usually styled and made up by a team of stylists – but that can soon pack up. Cardis Daughter Kulture (2) has now also taken a liking to make-up – and is already practicing diligently on her mother!

Cardi B in February 2021

The “Money” performer shared via Instagram a funny clip that is a bit frightening at first glance: At first it seems as if she has two blue eyes and swollen lips – however, this is deceptive, because the purple shadows are not bruises, but make-up with which Kulture eagerly paints them: The little one paints more and more layers of red paint over Cardis Eyelids – and don’t use a brush, just her index finger!

Cardi B, rapper

Cardi proves not only with this clip, but also with numerous previous posts, how much she is absorbed in her mother role and how proud she is of her offspring. The latter she also had in a in August 2020 made very clear and raved about Kulture: “She’s such a sweet and funny person. She’s just a funny baby.”

Cardi B, musician

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