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Camila Cabello Cut Off Her Hair! That’s How Cool It Looks!


Some celebrities like Rihanna and Cardi-B are known to change their hairstyles almost as often as their outfits. Others, such as Jennifer Aniston, prefer to stick to a consistent look that has become her trademark over time. We know the 23-year-old Latino singer Camila Cabello not only for her songs, but also for her super long and beautiful hair! Whether curly, smooth or beautifully braided – the pop icon has so far only made subtle, subtle changes in her look. However, she recently took a big step and parted with her curls! Camila Cabello has chosen one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year, the Curly Shag, and we have to admit – she looks really stunning!

Camila Cabello is no longer a long-haired Señorita! The pop singer presented her brand new haircut on 23.10 by posting a cool and super cute photo on her Instagram profile. In fact, it’s the first time she’s made such a drastic change – the 23-year-old has worn a long mane all her life. “I have lost my shorthair virginity! I’ve always had long hair. It was time to let some fresh air on my shoulders, baby!” she writes about her photo, which surprised all her fans.

Camila Cabello’s new hairstyle looks really stunning

Camila Cabello New Hairstyle 2020 Hair Trends 2020

Responsible for the new look of the pop diva is the famous hairdresser of the stars Dimitri Giannetos. However, the singer not only cut off her long hair, but also opted for a perm. For the bold cut, Camila Cabello was inspired by singer Sarah Conner, who said in an interview last year that she had always dreamed of curly hair. Although her fans were surprised at first, most of them were totally happy about the musician’s new hairstyle. Thousands of people have commented on your photo and left many loving comments full of heart emojis. Some are already wondering what the haircut would look like if it was being styled. Others, on the other hand, have even pointed out some similarities in the hairstyles of the dream couple. “King and queen of matching hairstyles,” one of her fans wrote, and his comment has already received more than 8.7 million likes. Whether Camila Cabello’s Curly Shag hairstyle was inspired by her boyfriend or not, it’s all the rage and looks great! So save the photo and call your hairdresser in case you are looking for a new and cool look!

Camila Cabello cut off her hair and opted for the Curly Shag hairstyle

Camila Cabello hairstyle short hair Curly Shag haircut

The coolest thing about Camila Cabello’s new hairstyle is that it combines not one, not two, but three hair trends into one. The Clavi Cut brings out her curls even better, while the slightly longer pony complements the Curly Shag wonderfully and gently frames her face. The haircut works for all hair lengths and types. Of course, the coolest hairstyle is with natural curls. Let your hair dry or blow dry it with a diffuser and you have the disheasked look of the singer!

Hairstyles for curly hair Curly Shag haircut trend

The hair trends 2021 are undoubtedly going in the direction of naturalness. Not only Camila Cabello, but also other stars like Zendaya have opted for the trendy Curly Shag hairstyle and rocked the casual hair trend.

That’s how cool the Curly Shag looks!

Camila Cabello Hairstyle Restyle Curly Shag Haircut Trend

The Curly Shag hairstyle is an excellent way to refresh your curls

Curly Shag Hairstyle Trend Shoulder Length Hair Styling Hair Trends 2020

The trendy hairstyle has a cool retro flair and looks incredibly chic



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