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With “Vampire Diaries” and “Gilmore Girls”: 12 series couples who didn’t like each other in real life

Emotions, love, drama and strife, all this is part of a relationship, whether in real life or in series. For some stars, it not only sparks in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. For others, on the other hand, the spark never really wanted to jump. In the following article, we introduce you to 12 series pairs where a lot was going on.

Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon from the series “Vampire Diaries” were long considered THE “TV dream couple” par excellence. Also in real life, the actors Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were a couple for 3 years. The cooperation for the former turtle doves was established after the separation but unbearable. When Ian also had a new partner, it was enough for Nina Dobrev and she left the series in 2015. In 2017, she returned for the final season, so at least Elena and Damon were able to experience a happy ending. In the meantime, the two actors are said to be friends again in real life.

Gilmore Girls

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) became a couple in the series “Gilmore Girls” after a long friendship, experienced many ups and downs together – until they finally got married. In 7. Seasons the fans cheer with the two – but in real life they do not have much to do with each other. Scott Patterson confirmed in an interview that she privately no good friends Be.


The situation was similar with David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston. As Rachel and Ross, they were the favorite series couple of the sitcom “Friends”, but privately they have nothing to do with each other. A few years ago, Jennifer Aniston even confessed that she didn’t even know who David Schwimmer was engaged to, nor did she invite him to her wedding. Privately, the two go their separate ways, in front of the camera they were all the more convincing as a series couple.


According to insiders, the relationship between “Castle” lead actors Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic was rather chilly, on the set of the series they ignored each other most of the time and only talked to each other the dialogues that were also in the script. A friendship behind the camera did not exist at all with the two and to avoid disputes, the two probably preferred to deliberately avoid each other.

The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory” are not only a couple in the series, they also tried it together in real life. Unfortunately, however, their relationship did not have as much success as in the series in which they even get married. Kaley Cuoco apparently laid more and more celebrity airs to the day with which Johnny Galecki could not handle so well, which led, among other things, to the end of the relationship. Privately, however, they continue to get along well and were able to portray a happy couple in the popular series even 10 years after their separation.


Fans of the supernatural must be strong now, because the actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were in the series “The X-Files” only in front of the camera a well-rehearsed team, in real life they were anything but good partners. On the set, they are said to have argued regularly, which ultimately meant that the two could no longer spend time together in one room behind the scenes.


On the set of the series “Homeland” there were often disagreements between the main actors Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. While Claire usually wanted to finish her work quickly in order to be able to be back home with her son and family, Damian saw the whole thing a little more relaxed and liked to make a few jokes on the side to get the work done. to make it a little more relaxed. However, this did not always go down well with the leading actress.

One Tree Hill

The actors Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray began to date privately during their early days on the series “One Tree Hill”. After 5 months they decided to get married. But after only one year, Sophia wanted to have the marriage annulled again. However, this request was rejected by the competent court, after which the two actors filed for divorce. In retrospect, Sophia regretted the early marriage very much and the cooperation as a serial couple also suffered from the divorce.

Anger Management

With Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen, the cooperation in the series “Anger Management” did not go very well. The actress also made no secret of this and openly admitted that she enjoyed the allure of the star. went against the grain. While the two became a couple in the series, things didn’t go so well for Selma in real life when she received her resignation via text message. Who probably had his fingers in the game …

O.C., California

In the series “O.C., California” Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie alias Marissa and Ryan were long considered a dream couple, but privately they could not stand each other after some time. Misha’s private escapades increasingly caused disputes behind the scenes. To this end, the actress increasingly a dive-like behavior to the day, which ultimately led to her character dying the serial death. Since then, there has been radio silence between the actors.

The Wild Seventies

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are happily married and have two children – a few years ago, this happiness was still completely unthinkable. The two played together in the comedy series “The Wild Seventies”, but preferred to avoid each other behind the camera. Maybe it was because of the age difference or the respective life circumstances, that probably remains a secret. The main thing is that it still sparked with the two.


Susan (Heidi Swedberg) and George (Jason Alexander) lead in the series “Seinfeld” a Long on-off relationshipuntil Susan’s role fell victim to serial death. This ending came quite abruptly for some fans, but it later turned out that Jason Alexander and other colleagues had even asked for the deletion of the role, as they felt that working with Heidi Swedberg was “impossible” due to too different working methods …

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