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watson super series guide: Netflix to Sky – streaming hits for the 4th week of July

The third season of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” launches on Netflix on July 27. Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection

watson super series guide: Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and Sky highlights for the 4th week of July

Every weekend, you’ll find the best recommendations for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Sky, Joyn and MagentaTV in our ultimate streaming guide – from the most exciting series reboots to hidden gems.

There’s nothing better than sitting on the couch after a long day at the lake or by the sea and watching a nice movie while eating watermelon feta salad. Of course, it also works after a long day at work. As always, we will give you this guide so that you can make perfect use of your evenings – or even days, no one is judged here. To make it easier for you to choose streaming, we have selected the most exciting new releases and best classics for the week from 23 to 30 July.

Whether documentaries, sitcoms, mystery thrillers or anything in between: In the watson super series guide you will find exactly the right series and films for you!



On Netflix you can watch the second season of the Spanish crime series “Sky Rojo” from July 23rd. The first season was about how the three sex workers Wendy, Gina and Coral escape their precarious working conditions. They flee from the brothel, where they are poorly paid and thus virtually imprisoned there. But where should they go, after all, they are on the island of Tenerife? Their pimp and his assistants are always hot on their heels as they flee – until the three women turn the tables and instead hunt down the men who have wronged them.


New to Netflix, you can finally watch the third season of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” from July 27. The German teen drama comedy series is about the high school graduate Moritz, who builds up an online drug trade together with his friends Lenny and Dan – initially very successfully. But the more professional it becomes, the more problems arise. The suppliers from Holland are much more hardened than it seems at first. Exciting, funny, one of the best German Netflix series at the moment!

Amazon Prime Video


From July 23, Amazon Prime will feature the new series “Them”, which was produced by Lena Waithe, among others. In the style of Jordan Peele’s hit films “Get Out” and “We”, elements of horror films are combined with racism. The series is about an African-American family who moves from the southern states to a predominantly white neighborhood in Los Angeles in the 1950s. There, the mood towards them becomes more and more hostile, until it even comes to seemingly supernatural phenomena. But the family is not beaten so quickly…

Watson author Sophia has again selected the best streaming recommendations for you. picture: di matti



New to Disney+, you can watch the superhero action movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”. That’s what it’s all about: For a rescue operation, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) sends an X-Men team consisting of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Quicksilver (Evan Peters) into space. In the chaos of the rescue mission, Jean Grey remains on the destroyed ship and is soon followed by a mysterious force. This power changes their inner self and drives them to wreak havoc and attack the other X-Men. Can it regain control of its forces or must it be fought?



From 24 July, you can now watch the fictional historical film “Waiting for the Barbarians” on Sky. In it, Johnny Depp plays a colonel who travels to the edge of an undefined realm to prevent an alleged attack by barbarians. There he meets the magistrate of the outpost (Mark Rylance) – who must prove his loyalty to the nation. He must decide whether to obey the colonel’s orders and torture presumably innocent people, or listen to his conscience and advocate justice. By the way: Robert Pattinson also plays along!



Starting in July, you can watch the mystery science fiction series “Emergence” at Joyn. That’s what it’s all about: Jo Evans (Allison Tolman) is the police chief of a small American community. After her divorce, she now lives with her father, former firefighter Ed (Clancy Brown). One day, a mysterious plane crash occurs near the small town, which the young girl Piper miraculously survives. However, she can’t remember anything. When Jo takes Piper in and a short time later the FBI is after them, it becomes clear that Piper is not like other children…

Movie of the Week

On Amazon Prime you can watch the war drama “Dunkirk” by director Christopher Nolan. It is about the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, when German troops encircled the French and British troops near the port city. The Allies had to retreat to the beach and found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. As a result, a huge evacuation operation began to bring the troops back to England. The film shows the fate of individual soldiers and their days of perseverance between panic, hope and despair. Among others, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Harry Styles will be there.

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