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Mila Kunis speaks power word: That’s why Ashton Kutcher resold his space ticket – Panorama

Ashton Kutcher was to fly into space with Richard Branson’s space plane. Photo: AdMedia/ImageCollect

Ashton Kutcher has sold his space ticket back to Virgin Galactic. His wife Mila Kunis has apparently spoken into the actor’s conscience.

Ashton Kutcher (43) will probably not fly into space so quickly. The Hollywood star has sold his space flight ticket back to Richard Branson’s (70) company “Virgin Galactic”. He revealed this in an interview with the US news channel “Cheddar News”.

“When I got married and had children, my wife reminded me that flying into space when we have young children is probably not a wise family decision,” he explained. The actor has been married to his former “The Wild Seventies” colleague Mila Kunis (37) since July 2015. Together they have two sons, Wyatt (6) and Dimitri (4).

“At some point I will fly into space”

Kutcher should be on board on the next Virgin Galactic flight. Only a few days ago, Branson himself was the first to break through the Earth’s atmosphere with his rocket plane and experienced weightlessness for a few minutes. However, the actor does not really want to give up his dream. “I’m not on the next flight, but at some point I will fly into space,” Kutcher assured.

Kutcher is not the only celebrity who wants to fly into space with “Virgin Galactic”. Stars such as Katy Perry (36), Leonardo DiCaprio (46), Justin Bieber (27), Lady Gaga (35), Tom Hanks (65), Brad Pitt (57) and Angelina Jolie (46) are also said to be on the list, as “USA Today” writes.

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