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Megan Fox: Horror Drug Trip with Machine Gun Kelly

Will actress Megan Fox soon strive for consciousness-expanding experiences again? As she revealed on the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, she consumed ayahuasca together with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly in Costa Rica – and experienced quite a horror trip in the process. Indigenous peoples in South America use ayahuasca in ritual religious ceremonies to put themselves in a trance state. The shaman potion from the psychedelic plant decoction from the ayahuasca liana and leaves of the coffee bush plant Psychotria viridis can lead to hallucinations and out-of-body experiences.

Megan Fox went through her “own version of hell” over ayahuasca

As Fox revealed to Kimmel, she flew to Costa Rica to consume ayahuasca with Kelly in “an appropriate environment with indigenous peoples.” The two turtle doves had in mind to visit a place known for hosting celebrities who want to go on a spiritual journey. On the spot, however, they found that instead of finding the hoped-for luxury, they had landed in the remote jungle. “I thought it was like glamping, like it was going to be some kind of five-star experience,” Fox joked.

“But when you get there, you’re really in the middle of the jungle and can’t eat after 1pm. You have to walk very far to get water, and you can’t take a shower,” Fox said of her jungle experience. “There was nothing glamorous about it,” she recalls. But the deprivations are part of the spiritual experience. “It’s all part of making you vulnerable, so you surrender to the experience,” she said.

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