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You should definitely watch this documentary about right-wing extremism

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Taylor Swift, “Little Germans”, Roberto Bolaño

“Little Germans” – Photo: Little Dream Entertainment

Seeing, hearing, reading – especially during the holiday season, this should not be neglected. Especially since it’s finally time for that. So MEEDIA editors give tips again this time. This week:

Nils Jacobsen recommends: Taylor Swift – “Folklore” / “Evermore”

Taylor Swift – Photo: Imago Images

I really tried not to like Taylor Swift – I failed thoroughly. All the drama of the early years, the small and big follow-ups after ex-loves and affairs, the shenanigans with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, etc. pp. – but in the end the music counts, doesn’t it? The now 31-year-old has achieved something that no pop star except Drake can claim: She has become better with every album over the past decade. Preliminary highlight: The sister albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” from last year, which have become the epitome of the Corona albums.

Ben Krischke recommends: “Little Germanic tribes”

Although they are all important, the documentaries about right-wing extremism, “Little Germans” (directed by Mohammad Farokhmanesh and Frank Geiger) is as refreshing as it is frightening. From the off, the narrator reports on how she is brought up from childhood in the sense of Nazi ideology – and what far-reaching consequences this has for her entire life. In the documentary, which is currently available on Amazon, representatives of the right-wing scene also have their say, giving insights into their childhood and explaining how they raise their own children.

Thomas Borgböhmer recommends: Roberto Bolaño – “The Needs of the True Policeman”

Roberto Bolaño died early, unfortunately. However, the Chilean left behind enough works in the five decades of his life. Among other things, “The Needs of the True Policeman”: If his celebrated novel “2666” seems too powerful for you, the rather narrow volume gives you a pleasant access to the literary world of the author, including its recurring characters.

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