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Millions for handbags, zero remorse

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When it comes to bling, Cardi B (28) prefers to clutter rather than spill. The rapper (‘WAP’) is mega-successful. This success makes her rich, and she doesn’t want to be ashamed of it.

Two million invested in handbags

The musician is particularly impressed by the noble Birkin handbags from Hermès — starting price 6,000 euros, with high resale value and long delivery time. Cardi now has a considerable collection of them, including accessories. On Instagram this week, she proudly spread out her collection in front of her followers. But this was not well received everywhere. Cardi could certainly have invested the money better or done good with it, many believed. Also in terms of taste, many considered it a mistake. “You never see Oprah, Melinda Gates or Mark Zuckerberg’s wife doing something like that, and they’re billionaires,” read one comment, another follower wrote: “That’s over two million (dollars) in handbags… imagine that.”

Cardi B knows how to fight back

But Cardi B would not be Cardi B if she accepted this criticism so easily. Others would also spend a lot of money on seemingly pointless luxury, the rapper explained. “Oprah makes trips that cost as much as ten of those bags,” she assured. Billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, both of whom had flown into space in the last two weeks, then took a look at it: “Don’t compare me to the wives of white billionaires when their husbands take billion-dollar trips into space just to be able to say they were the first.” They are the ones with enough money to do good worldwide, eradicate disease or fight hunger. After that, there was peace. Cardi B is granted her hobby — no one can talk her out of it anyway.

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