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Jennifer Aniston: This classic is her favorite part – and it’s now totally trendy again

Jennifer Aniston knows: A blazer, especially a black blazer, almost always works. It’s a good thing that it’s totally hip again.

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Casual and elegant, timeless and trendy: At least now it’s time to get a black blazer. In any case, it is one of the key pieces that should have found their way into our closet at some point in our adult lives.

At the moment, the timeless basic part is even making a comeback as a trend piece. Jennifer Aniston (52) is following the way. We’ve been following the actress’s career since her breakthrough as Rachel Green in the 90s cult series “Friends” – and whether it’s her hairstyle (Rachel-Cut!), her men (Brad Pitt, 57) or her clothes, we shout loudly: Want it too!

Jennifer Aniston loves black blazers

Jennifer’s look is casual and elegant, timeless and trendy. She always looks effortlessly well dressed. And again and again you can see the actress in pictures in a black blazer: about 2002 in a sexy black blazer with wide-cut, black pants and without a visible top below at the Golden Globes, at that time still together with Brad. Or today, as a top actrice now over 50 years old, with black blazers for an every-day look as well as for an evening dress. Jennifer wears black blazer casual with jeans and T-shirt, cool with all-white look with white pants and white V-neck and glamorous over a delicate slip dress or a glitter dress.

We can easily imitate all this. All we need is the right blazer. Finding it can be a real challenge, but it’s worth it. Because a poorly seated blazer quickly destroys a beautiful, high-quality outfit.

Because the fit is so important with the right blazer, it is also worth investing in small changes: The seamstress can, for example, make the shoulders of a blazer narrower or shorten sleeves.

How the blazer fits

In her book “Stylish”, from which “” has published excerpts, author advises Marlene Sørensen: “The upper sleeve seam should be flush with the shoulder and the sleeve should end exactly at the wrist when bending the arm at a 30-degree angle. In addition, you have to be able to fold your arms in front of your body without the back seam stretching.”

Sørensen advises small women against long or oversized blazersbecause they would seem even smaller in it. Tall women, on the other hand, should avoid blazers that are too shortbecause they look like children’s size.

Gold buttons enhance the black blazer

The lapel of the blazer should be matched to the shoulders: small shoulder, small lapel, wide shoulders, wide lapel, so the rule of thumb.

An off-the-shelf blazer is quickly upgraded with a few small things: An affordable blazer with fabric-covered buttons, gold or horn buttons suddenly looks like an investment”, according to a tip from the fashion expert.

Conservative or cool in a black boyfriend blazer

Of course, not all blazers are the same. The individual cuts are as different as we are. The classic blazer with lapel collar and button placket has two discreet pockets at the front and ends just above the hip. There are modifications, for example, with stand-up collars or, which looks softer and more feminine, without a collar.

With overlapping shoulders, longer and straight-cut boyfriend blazers look more casual than the classic, conservative version. With rolled up sleeves, the style is even cooler, tight pants or leggings set a good contrast to the wide cut.

A black blazer always works

Strict and stylish at the same time Military blazer with a double row of buttons. The following applies here: Casual basic parts are great, we should rather keep our hands off all too eye-catching combinations, after all, the blazer is already eye-catcher enough.

Who likes it more feminine and has less angular, can reach for the pajama blazer made of softly flowing material, which is worn with a belt at waist level.

Not only Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston can wear black blazers on many occasions. They also fit into our lives at any time of the day or night, whether in the office, while shopping or having a drink in our favorite bar. A conservative classic is the trouser suit with matching trousers to the blazer in combination with white blouse and pumps. It becomes casual with a blazer as a jacket replacement over a dress or with jeans and T-shirt. Edgy and cool we wear it combined with black pants and black top in all-black look. And if you like to experiment, you can also try a black blazer over shorts.

How to get the blazer clean again

By the way, in order to get our favorite piece clean again after wearing it, it does not always have to be the expensive, dry cleaning. Sometimes it is enough to remove stains very carefully with a damp cloth and gently wash out the blazer by hand in cold water and mild detergent and let it air dry. So that the good piece does not muffle, sometimes icy cold can help: To do this, place the blazer in a well-closed plastic bag and leave it in the freezer overnight.

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